Invasive Species Hunter

This guy hunts down and slays invasive species of plants and animals. Is that good or bad? Up to you.

Lots of North American invasives went into the design. Japanese Knotweed, Asian Carp, wild boar, Kudzu, Zebra muscles, Gypsy Moth, Water Chestnut, English Ivy, and even house cats.

Garden Knight

Nunchucks, sais, tonfa… many weapons began as garden tools. I figured, why not make them ALL into weapons.


Hippy Dippy

Woodstock as a character. I was torn on the name. Acai is a good one. So is Kombucha. I finally decided on Yeast.


Gnome Time

My DnD character redone to match my race choice. I needed to get that ugly but cute gnome face in there. Kinda like a pug or something.

Lizardman bard

In DnD Lizardmen and Bards aren’t really all that compatible. But I like mixing stuff that doesn’t work well together.

His story is that a college philosophy teacher heard someone mention that Lizardmen are cold and emotionless. The professor thought this was racist, so he traded a lizard tribe an egg for a bunch of T-bone steaks. His plan was to raise that egg to become a bard, thus showing the world that a lizardman could learn art.

It was a mixed success at best.