Garden Knight

Nunchucks, sais, tonfa… many weapons began as garden tools. I figured, why not make them ALL into weapons.


Hippy Dippy

Woodstock as a character. I was torn on the name. Acai is a good one. So is Kombucha. I finally decided on Yeast.


Gnome Time

My DnD character redone to match my race choice. I needed to get that ugly but cute gnome face in there. Kinda like a pug or something.

Lizardman bard

In DnD Lizardmen and Bards aren’t really all that compatible. But I like mixing stuff that doesn’t work well together.

His story is that a college philosophy teacher heard someone mention that Lizardmen are cold and emotionless. The professor thought this was racist, so he traded a lizard tribe an egg for a bunch of T-bone steaks. His plan was to raise that egg to become a bard, thus showing the world that a lizardman could learn art.

It was a mixed success at best.



My hard drive crashed after sculpting him, so I redid it from scratch using my own screenshots as reference images.