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This is a pretty irrelevant character, but I guess you can just paint him to be Carnage or any other random symbiote. There’s way too many of them. I think it’ll print nicely, but I’ll have to fatten up the goopy parts.

And here is what it looks like printed


So in upstate New York (Where the house and garden project is), I know some hilarious characters. One of them is a guy named Jimmy. He likes bird-watching, joints, motorcycles, and throwing boomerangs. He hates cops. This sculpt is my rendition of him. I intend to make a 3D print and use him in Heroclix games against superheroes.

And here’s the real guy for reference. I don’t think he’d want his face posted online, but I don’t think he has a computer anyway.

And here’s the 3D printed version

Superman Prime going wild

Someone on my Heroclix forum requested a very specific sculpt to be printed. Superman Prime (who is not the same as normal Superman) ripping apart a Yellow Lantern with Power Girl trying to stop him. It’s based on this picture.

I went into zBrush and did my best to recreate it.

There’s also a turntable in case that wasn’t enough.



And here’s how it was printed. I didn’t paint it, but whoever did was astounding.


I’ve been meaning to make a Shredder sculpt for a while. This is for print, so I might need to widen the claws for support.

I kind of cheated on the cape. I imported the model into Maya and used nCloth to get it folded the way I wanted.

Updated with some printed shots. ?I had to thicken the claws considerably to meet the material requirements to print it, but it turned out surprisingly well. I’m surprised Shapeways didn’t flat out reject it.

Ninja Turtles and Splinter

I grew up in the 90’s, so of course I love the ninja turtles. I’ve been making and printing as many of the characters as I can. I’m not sure if the TMNT will ever be officially made in Heroclix or any other cross-company comic game because?apparently?the?license?is owned by Nickolodeon and is very expensive.

Whatever the case, I’m super pleased with these prints. I have yet to paint them, partially because I love how they look in the clear plastic I printed them in. They just look so cool with the light coming through them. It’s a much more detailed (and slightly more expensive) plastic than I normally get. Even details like the teeth show up.