German Soldiers

Sep 21 2012

So heroclix has a lot of World War 2 characters. Comic characters like Captain America as well as US soldiers. WW2 is a big part of comic book history. However, no company will ever make figures of Nazi soldiers. Besides the controversy, I’ve heard it would actually be illegal for them to sell in Germany.

As a result, you have a bunch of American soldiers with nobody for them to fight. It makes them kind of worthless. In addition, no other company seems to make German soldiers in 33mm scale. There are a few?miniatures?in 28mm scale, but that makes them look small next to Heroclix. I decided I would make some myself. They’re not perfect (and I made them left handed for some reason), but they print in scale.

Besides, even if they’re not 100% perfect, they look way better than some of the official WW2 soldiers that were released. They’re laughably stupid looking


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  1. Hi. I am looking into 3d printing. I don’t know much at all about the subject so this could sound like a stupid question but are these soldiers in a file that could be used on a 3d printer?

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