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Superman Prime going wild

Someone on my Heroclix forum requested a very specific sculpt to be printed. Superman Prime (who is not the same as normal Superman) ripping apart a Yellow Lantern with Power Girl trying to stop him. It’s based on this picture.

I went into zBrush and did my best to recreate it.

There’s also a turntable in case that wasn’t enough.



And here’s how it was printed. I didn’t paint it, but whoever did was astounding.

Robot Santa

Just a commission I was asked to do for 3D printing. Mostly did it on a touchpad. The only hard part was making the arms reach the gun, since Futurama character design doesn’t take that into account.



Someone asked for Spidey in this pose. I don’t really like how the webbing looks in the digital pictures, but I indented it to show up in a print. Sometimes looking good digitally doesn’t mesh with looking good in a 3D print.

I don’t think I would have painted him black instead of blue though.


These are a bunch of different model Daleks from Dr. Who. The big one in the back is the?Emperor?Dalek. Even though it was only about 2.5 inches tall, it cost almost $80 to print. I felt bad for the guy who?ordered?it, so I actually hollowed it out and cut down the cost to $40. It’s amazing how fast 3D printing prices go up as you inflate in size. For?comparison, the normal-sized Daleks were only $10.

Animated Series Batman and Superman

I sculpted this for the first place winner of a Heroclix tournament. And it was Superman and Batman… how interesting… at least it was a different style from the others. These were based off the 90’s animated cartoons. They’re pretty much dead on. I tried to make them both in charging poses so they would look good next to each other.