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Garden Fliers

I’m part of a group of people who try to encourage my area to start gardens and share extra vegetables. I draw fliers to get people to come to events and covers for informational pamphlets. I’ve thought up lots of things to do with veggies.


Kill Your Phone

I hate smart phones (and phones in general). This is the front and back of a shirt I’m making.

Lizard BBQ

I just moved and I needed a poster to make my room a bit more colorful, so I made this thing. I love humanoid lizards.

Reverse Medusa

So, one morning I woke up thinking about monsters (as I usually do), and a thought occurred to me. Why is it that man-animal hybrid monsters always put the human side in charge. Why are the “good features” always on the human side?

For example, why is a werewolf a wolf shaped like a handsome man? Why can’t it be a man shaped like a dog? Wouldn’t that make for an infinitely creepier monster? A creature with a canine posture, but with human skin and head.

So yeah, I used the Medusa as a prototype for this theory by just reversing the snake and human parts. I think I was right. This is way more disturbing than the classic version.

Hey, boys
Hey, boys

Party Beetle

I was just messing around with Illustrator and trying to make something without using lines.