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Cinema Smackdown 3

Here’s another Flash game I made. This one has minimal glitches too!

The point of this game is that you’re in a movie theater and the other people in the audience are loud, annoying dicks. You need to point and click your mouse to throw snacks at them and shut them up before you’re guy gets annoyed and leaves.

The twist of this game is that you actually need to pay attention to the movie while you’re dealing with these people, because you’re quizzed on the plot points in the end.

Also I’m the voice of the nerd.

Click here to play

Feet Sighter Volleyball

Feet Sighter was a Street Fighter clone I was working on, but then I got bored and added volleyball/soccer elements.?Basically, while you’re fighting, a ball drops in the middle of the level. You can either keep attacking your opponent, or try to get the ball into your opponent’s goal.

There are a lot of little details in this game (as well as a lot of animation). Every attack actually hits the ball at different angles and every character has at least 20 different attacks. The attacks also do different things when they hit your opponent, like tripping, causing stun, causing you to bounce off them. In addition every character has one “secret” move. The farmer can slap his sunburns to raise his attack, the French girl can throw a cigarette, ect. It also is kind of interesting in that the lifebars are set up like a tug of war. Hitting your opponent a lot won’t KO them unless you really overwhelm them. The difficulty in KOs makes scoring goals an easier option. The better use for attacking is just to distract opponents and mess up their goal defense. You can do things like bounce the ball really high to give you time to start punching your opponent before the ball gets to him.

I got pretty far with this game but never finished. You can actually still see the hit boxes. One day I should probably revisit it, because the few times I actually got people to play it with me, it was pretty fun. The main problem with the game is that I use too many buttons and they get too crowded on the keyboard. If I were to remake it, I would?definitely?reconfigure that.

There’s also still a couple of glitches. Most notably when you try to select the same character. I really should finish this game since I worked so hard on it.

You can play it here, but you need two people and a keyboard with the right buttons…

Black Friday

This was my first Flash game from a few years ago. It’s playable and you can even beat it, but it is kind of awkward.

You can play it here