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I’m not done with this guy yet, but I’m happy with the progress so far. Aries is an ignored mech from Gundam Wing and one of the few from the series to not have a cheap model kit. There’s one really expensive and obscure model that’s been produced, but there’s very little documentation of it. I used the few pictures I could find as reference images, but I had to make up some of the mechanics.

In making this model, I’ve noticed how stupid the design is.

1. The arms can only bend at the elbows about 90 degrees and it can barely move the shoulders at all.

2. The legs have two sets of thrusters on them going different directions…

3. The head is pointless as it has no visibility on the left or right side because of the giant shoulders.

4. Those tiny little wings at the top… what are they expected to do!?

I should really write a letter to the guy who first drew it back in the mid-90’s and let him know about my findings.

Here’s the textured model. I also did a lot of resizing to the overall shape. I still need to take a few shots. The main purpose of this project was to create reference images for an underdocumented mech, so I still need to take some simple front and back shots. I might make a hangar background before I do that that though.

Gundam Cards

About 10 years ago I got a bunch of cards from a Japanese Gundam card game, but at the time couldn’t figure out how to play it. I always wanted to try it out, since it managed to survive all that time and I’m a big Gundam fan.

Flash forward to now. I’m smarter and the Internet is more useful. However, it’s still a huge pain to find any information in English about how to play this game, much less what the individual cards translate to.

Using Google Translate, some common sense, and php skill, I made a whole site with translations for this game and information on how to play it online.

Not only did I translate, but I built a database, a gallery, and even a fun tool that generates random decks to allow you to try out new cards. A lot of programming work went into the generator in particular, because it follows all the deck building rules and still manages to make random and playable decks.

The site can be found at gundam.snakevsmongoose.info