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Baxter Stockman Heroclix

Baxter Stockman Heroclix

Spider Slayer

I’m really into Superior Spider-man, so I made this guy. I really don’t like how he decided to put protection all over his legs and arms, but none on his body. You’d think that a guy smart enough to make sophistocated nanobots would be able to grasp the concept of armor.

Spider Slayer Heroclix
King of the silverfish!

Spider Slayer HeroclixSpider Slayer Heroclix

Obscure Green Lanterns

So in case you don’t know anything about Green Lantern, the superhero is actually just one of a few thousand different guys whith that name. The Green Lanterns are actually an intergalactic police force that includes all kinds of aliens. It’s been around since the 60’s, so a lot of weird characters have been created that nobody really pays attention to.

So here’s Gallus Zed. I did my best to make him look like a badass, despite the fact that he’s pretty much just a head.

And this guy is named Larvox. He’s a larvae with fancy hair. Pretty awkward.

Party Beetle

I was just messing around with Illustrator and trying to make something without using lines.