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I had a lot of fun making Beedrill, so I decided to make another creepy, realistic Pokemon. This time I did Lickitung. I tried to make it salamander-ish, because I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be to begin with.


I was playing around with Dynamesh features in the new version of zBrush and had a lot of fun making a realistic version of my favorite Pokemon.


I’ve been meaning to make a Shredder sculpt for a while. This is for print, so I might need to widen the claws for support.

I kind of cheated on the cape. I imported the model into Maya and used nCloth to get it folded the way I wanted.

Updated with some printed shots. ?I had to thicken the claws considerably to meet the material requirements to print it, but it turned out surprisingly well. I’m surprised Shapeways didn’t flat out reject it.

Anatomy Studies

For a long time I just kind of made models with cartoony muscles since most of the humans I sculpt are to be printed only at 33mm tall. At that height not only does being?anatomically?correct not matter, but it’s actually better to exaggerate proportions to show up in prints. This is just a muscle study I did in zBrush to start breaking the habit.