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New52 Bane

I kind of like this guy’s design but it doesn’t make much sense. He has stitching on the site of his shirt and mask as if it’s supposed to allow expanding when he uses venom and pumps up. But then he were’s like a million belts, which would imply his clothes are loose.

Ah well. I’m over thinking this.

You are next!

I will break you!

3 thoughts on “New52 Bane

  1. Awesome work… what 3D printer do you use to create such detail sculpts?

  2. do you make and sell these?

  3. Hey I am very interested in obtaining one of these custom Bane Heroclix. Is there any possible way to get one of these amor have it made for myself? I’ve seen images in a couple places on the web. He is a favorite character of mine and this particular design for the New 52 is also a favorite. Please let me know. Thank you.

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