Yeast Kombucha

Intended Classes: Sorcerer (Storm or Wild Magic). She looks like a Druid, but don’t be fooled. She didn’t have to dedicate herself to anything to get her magic.

Race: High Elf, but she’ll tell you Wood Elf.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Characteristics: Yeast is the kind of person who will talk to trees, but only if other people are watching. She’ll take moral stances on some trendy issues (like eating clean food), but won’t think about them in a deeper sense. She’s very judgmental of people who she feels aren’t as enlightened as her, but she totally describes herself as open minded.¬† She describes herself as “deeply spiritual” and some people even believe her.
She never has to work hard at anything due to her powers.

Background:¬†Yeast was born with magic that gave her control over weather which she took for granted her whole life. Growing up in an upperclass elven environment, she led a carefree life that allowed her to spend a lot of time staying trendy. The most recent fad in her circle is becoming a druid and growing “spiritual food.” Taking advantage of her weather powers, Yeast left her city to become a farmer that any CSA would kill to have. She’s out to prove that her connection to nature is way stronger than anyone else’s.