Piscario Bassmaster

Intended Classes: Cleric (Nature)

Race: Water Genasi (originally human). Triton works too.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Characteristics: Piscario wasn’t born a fish, so some of the characteristics of his new form influence him subliminally. If he’s travelling upstream, he’ll want to mate. His weapon choices are based on what he felt was most deadly as a fish.
Despite his mind being warped, he is still human and very dedicated to his cause of teaching the civilized world how to work with nature without exploiting it. His fishing lures are the source of his magic. He has options like the Rubber Worm of Entanglement.

Background: As young men, Piscario and his older brother attended a circus where a fortune teller told them that they had strong spiritual connections to nature. True or not, this was the first compliment either of them had received and they ran with it, both attempting to become clerics. While his brother would commune with plants, Piscario believed that since life originated in water, it would be the highest form of devotion to the gods. Wanting to outdo his brother, he performed an ancient ritual, begging to be made one with the water. While waist deep in a river with a sheet of aluminium above his head, a bolt of lightning struck him. After seconds of agony, he crawled from the water delighted to see that he was now more bass than man. Believing this to be the will of the gods, he pledged himself to act as an agent for them by educating humans on how to live in harmony with nature and not use more than it needs.  Despite being persecuted for his looks, he is very persistent, preaching anywhere he sees industry doing damage to the natural world. However recently he has been distracted, investigating the disappearance of his brother.