Intended Classes: Ranger (Hunter)

Race: Half-Orc

Alignment: Neutral

Characteristics: Gastro is almost unable to use his hands. Depending on the willingness of your DM, I would give him advantage on checks involving legs and disadvantage on checks relying on arms.
He uses his feet for spear attacks and also is very skilled at fighting with an ice skate. He has a custom glove on his left foot that gives it fingers, controlled by flexing of his leg muscles.

Background: Gastro grew up in a culture of hunting. Unfortunately, he was also cursed with a deformity which left his upper body weak and unable to even lift a spear. Not willing to accept a life of being pitied, he did the only thing he could… and over compensated. After millions of leg lifts, squats, and toe curls, he became the most respected hunter in his region. Not only could he leap over trees and kick through rocks, but he also built up dexterity in his feet. He went as far as to commission a special hand puppet that he could control with his leg muscles, allowing him to even pick small coins up off glossy floors. His story traveled through the world and he knows minor fame as an inspirational figure. He has often been told that he could make a lot of money writing a book, but he’s fiercely loyal to tradition and prefers leading a simple life in his village. Also writing gives him cramps, so he’s not really into it.