Elegant Apple

Intended Classes: Wizard (Enchantment) with Rogue multiclass or Boss NPC

Race: High Elf

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Characteristics: Apple is arrogant but charming plantation owner. Part of her charm comes from the magical cinnamon powder that she keeps on her person.  She is also skilled with an apple peeler, which is a reskinned rapier.
She never takes off her hat. If it is knocked off, other players will see that the area under it is rotting and filled with worms. The fermentation smell coming from it is almost painful.
Although she puts on a good show, her brain is rotting and she sometimes is prone to brief moments of insanity.

Background: Every year, villages would come together to celebrate a farming deity who would bless soils for all who appreciated the life within them. However, the festivities stopped after one year the young daughter of a local baron burned the festival down while having a temper tantrum about the concession stands not carrying chicken nuggets. Hoping that the child would learn to appreciate the needs of produce through being one, the goddess turned the girl’s head into an apple. The curse was only supposed to last a few minutes, but the girl would not apologize, so the goddess lost interest and forgot about it.
Years later, the girl, now calling herself “Elegant Apple”, devised a fiendish revenge scheme to show the goddess how badly her punishment backfired. She would order her fiefdom to run their fields into the ground through poor farming practices. They would monocrop over and over, never replenishing the soil. Hunting, foraging, and importing became outlawed, causing her subjects to keep up pressure. She would then enlist the help of nature clerics to further her scheme by forcing them to craft her a magic Cinnamon dust, capable of not only intoxicating people, but spirits as well. When the fields degenerate to the point of being desert, she intends to summon the goddess, turn her into an acorn, and plant her; forcing her to live out eternity in this horrible soil.
But other than that Apple is a very respectable and dignified lady.

As NPC: If being run as a boss, Apple is the catalyst for most of the other characters I’ve designed. Hazel will have her acorn (inhabited by the goddess) point to Apple’s plantation. Piscario’s brother will be an imprisoned cleric, being forced to harvest and maintain her magic cinnamon trees (He will also be horrified at her farming practices). Gastro’s tribe will be prevented from hunting, causing him to lead an underground rebellion. Yeast and Yoobar and Apple’s right-hand men.
For most of her story, players will have to find a way to infiltrate her mansion to cut off the source of her power. She might have a fancy ball for them to take part in.
If players defeat Apple, she will return as a giant golem who smells like cinnamon. In her new apple crisp form she can also breath fire.