Sumsined Eep

Intended Classes: Bard (Whispers preferably, but anything works)

Race: Lizardfolk

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Characteristics: Like all Lizardfolk, Eep isn’t emotional. As a result, he sucks at finding meaning in anything. If you’re going to play this character, you need to come in with some terrible song lyrics or poetry.
He sees his work as a bard to be a survival method. He follows laws and rules without question, but sometimes he makes mistakes just because he’s kind of dumb.
He has no idea he works for the School of Whispers. If you play him, you may want to reflavor the names of some of the class moves to hide their evil nature from other players.

Background: A philosophy teacher at a prestigious university felt it was racist that people classified Lizardfolk as “cold and emotionless.” He devised a lifelong experiment to prove that Lizards too could become artists.

The professor went to a lizard tribe and traded them some steaks for an egg. He raised the egg into a Lizardboy and then had him tutored at the finest Bard school in the land. Once the boy gained citizenship, the professor wanted him to choose his own name to show the world his great imagination. “Choose something that resonates with you,” said the professor. “Choose something deep.” Thus he was registered as “Something Deep.” The professor tries to hide this and calls him Eep instead.

Eep is very skillful when it comes to copying tunes, but he’s horrendous when it comes to writing lyrics. At the School of Lore, teachers struggled to teach him the greater meanings behind many historical figures and events. All Eep could focus on was singing about how tall they were or what their favorite foods were. The school’s faculty was ready to throw him out when they were approached by representatives of the School of Whispers (The bad guy bard class). They arranged a secret trade and offered to accept Eep into their program. They figured that such an oddity would be hired to play music for dukes and kings. Being so stupid and literal, they hoped that after playing for these prestigious people, Eep would accidentally sing songs about where their treasure is located or what secret affairs they had going.

Thus Eep is unknowingly trained in evil bard magic. He has no idea anything is weird though. For him, being a bard is his method of survival and nothing more. The professor would never admit that though.