Hazel Groveboi

Intended Classes: Paladin (Redemption) and Druid

Race: Forest Gnome

Alignment: Neutral Good

Characteristics: Hazel is mainly defined by never wanting to be lonely. She’s very friendly with everyone (hence Redemption Paladin) and if no sentient beings are around, she’ll talk to trees or inanimate objects. Being alone for over 50 years will do that to you. She’s aware that she looks crazy to others, but she’s okay with it. She just wants to make everyone happy.

Background: Hazel was born into a tribe of forest gnomes called the Whizzybottoms. When she was about 5 years old, the entire village was wiped out by a tornado that she swears was sentient. After the storm, she wandered the forest, dying of starvation and feeling completely alone, when she came upon a giant sprouted acorn. The sprout of the acorn pointed her in the direction of a magic nut grove. There all kinds of nut trees grew and Hazel was able to nourish herself back to health. She remained there for the next 50 years and learned to treat the trees, animals, and even rocks of her grove as her family. The only contact with humans would be the occasional hunter or traveler passing through, who she would bake acorn flour muffins for.
One day, she noticed her giant acorn had sprouted again and was pointing in a new direction. She also found several other giant nuts who she considers her best friends. A Chestnut (her morningstar), Black Walnut (shield), and Hickory (chest plate). She didn’t know if the acorn was communicating to her as a friend or a god, but she set out on an adventure to find out what it was leading her towards.

Gods: Hazel doesn’t necessarily know the god she works for, but if you play her and want to choose a one, there are no less than 5 official DnD deities who use acorns or oaks as their symbol. SilvanusShialliaRillifane Rallathil, Obad-hai, and Skerrit. You can also make one up or even take a twist and have her unwillingly serving a demon or something like that.