Yoobar Picmattock

Intended Classes: Paladin (Crown) or Fighter

Race: Anything big

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Characteristics: Yoobar has faith in “the system.” He feels that his tribe’s traditional ways of life have failed and has embraced agriculture and trade.
He’s the kind of guy who constantly tries to get into philosophical debates. Maybe in part to convince himself that he’s right. You know the guy. Real fun at parties.
His weaponry is intended to be pretty cartoony despite him not being magical. I envision him as being able to do some impossible moves like shoot water from his hoses and roll around on his back using his wheelbarrow pack.

Background: Yoobar is from a tribe of traditional hunters (the same as Gastro), but after getting a belly ache from eating infected meat, he began to idealize the food standards of the “modern” world. He left his tribe to join a plantation town under the leadership of Elegant Apple. His fighting skills and stern personality led him to be sworn in as the sheriff and trade director, where his main responsibilities included negotiating prices for produce, patrolling the borders of the farm, and beating up raccoons who mess with the corn fields.
Despite denouncing hunting and gathering, he still cares about his people and sends them care packages of vegetables. He knows that his example will eventually lead them to a better life, with fewer belly aches.
Even though he is very talkative when it comes to philosophy, he’s a very hard person to read. In large part because he almost never takes off his armor. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable suit (especially the chickenwire chainmail), but he never complains. It might be that he feels smug wearing the exact opposite of furs.