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Irredeemable Antman


This guy is the “new” Antman from Marvel. He’s a coward, so I tried to get that across. I also tried to make him really small, but that didn’t work out print wise, as the minimum thickness for a piece is .2mm, and when you have a figure who’s going to be like 15mm tall total, it gets weird. I think I can print him in 33mm scale with no problem, but if he’s not going to be?noticeably?tinier than other characters, what’s the point of an Antman?

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Holo… er… Nemesis…

I hate this character and he was done by request. His name is Holocaust, but he’s sometimes called Nemesis so that he can appear in cartoon and toy form. He’s from the Age of Apocalypse, which is a story about the X-men in the future. It’s just a very 90’s story. The muscles are too large, the shoulder pads make no sense, and everything is “hardcore.”

Anyway, this was the first sculpt I ever made with intention to print. This picture is actually rendered in Maya because I couldn’t figure out how to use transparency in zBrush (I know now). I’m glad I never actually printed him, because it would have been annoying to set the helmet up as a?separate?piece.