Karai and Dark Leo

From the City Fall storyline in IDW’s TMNT.

I figured the Leonardo would be an easy sculpt because I could reuse so many pieces from my older sculpts, but it ended up being kind of hard. It feels weird to put armor on a guy who’s body is already a shell…

Karai Heroclix

Savage Dragon

He’s buff, he’s a cop, and he always gets his shirt ripped. That’s really all I know. I think I’ve only ever read one of his comics.

Spider Slayer

I’m really into Superior Spider-man, so I made this guy. I really don’t like how he decided to put protection all over his legs and arms, but none on his body. You’d think that a guy smart enough to make sophistocated nanobots would be able to grasp the concept of armor.

Spider Slayer Heroclix
King of the silverfish!

Spider Slayer HeroclixSpider Slayer Heroclix

Kill Your Phone

I hate smart phones (and phones in general). This is the front and back of a shirt I’m making.

Foot Clan

Just some generic baddies for my collection of TMNT sculpts. I went with the goofy 80’s cartoon version with their weird shaped heads because otherwise they’re just average looking ninja.

Foot Clan Heroclix Kusarigama

Foot Clan Heroclix Spear

Foot Clan Heroclix Sai