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Jun 11 2013 Published by under Character Rigging

So this began as a quick sketch of a bum that I wanted to use to test Maya hair

I made a rig and intended to animate him dancing. Ultimately my computer turned out to be too weak to really batch render it nicely, so I just have a Playblast of him copying my terrible dance moves (I used myself for reference).

He also has a cat that looks like a cow. It’s rigged and animated too. There were also cached dynamics with rolling bottles, but I didn’t feel like waiting any extra time for my 7 year old computer to render.

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Feb 11 2013 Published by under Character Rigging

This guy was originally supposed to be just a zBrush model, but I wasn’t happy with it and decided he needed more personality. Once I started rigging him for animation, I felt like I wanted to add some water in and started messing around with Real Flow. I really like how it all came together.

The music is from Laurel and Hardy, by the way.

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Cyclops dude

Dec 11 2012 Published by under Character Rigging

This guy is the main character of the triva game I talked about in my last post. He was initially just one of the many random monsters in the game, but for some reason we got attached to him and gave him a Facebook account and befriended people we don’t know. I made and rigged a 3D model of him so that we could have him post photos to his account. He’s an idiot.

I’m not mentioning his name because I don’t want people to search and find this post right now.

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Numbers: Countdown to Apocalypse

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Character Rigging

I love bad monster movies, including the new ones that the SyFy Channel pumps out. A friend and I basically wrote a movie with the intent of having a bunch of stupid CGI monsters kill us.

The plot is that a group of scientists working for the army’s “Arithmetic Division” create a portal into a dimension where the concept of value originated. However, the excitement is cut short when monsters in the shape of numbers emerge from it and threaten the earth!

The whole thing is just a bunch of math puns and gratuitous violence. I can detail the plot more in another post, since I really think it’s pretty great. For now you’ll just have to settle for seeing the models I made of the monsters. They’re all rigged up and ready for action. It’s just getting actors to film the actual movie that’s holding the project back at this point.

One is a bird creature. Looks like it came out of Carnival or Mardi Gras or something. If I had the budget, I would definitely have it crash one of those festivals. All it can do is peck things. It has a really weird anus at the bottom of it. I felt bad leaving it without one.

Two is a sand worm. The mouth is rigged up so that it kind of bounces around, like it’s poorly attached. There’s also a big hole in the back of the jaw and the tongue nonsensically comes from the top. I don’t think I’d attempt to animate this guy eating anything, because I’m not sure it would be possible. He’s also pretty much anchored in that post. I don’t want him flattening out and losing the shape of his number.

Three is just a very slovenly monster. I picture him just strolling into a?restaurant?casually and eating all the food and people. He has two rigged tongues.

Four is probably the most difficult shape to make into a monster. I settled for this crab thing because he can unhook his hands to become either of the two ways people draw the number. This guy’s gimmick is that he holds a person in his left hand and then stabs through it with his right. Yup. He stabs through his own hand. What a dumb monster.

Five is a pivot monster. His hands and legs are actually identical. If he wants to change directions, he just tilts over and uses his ass as his new front side.

Six is too adorable to really hang with the others. It basically just floats with its exhaust vents and then tries to eat things with it’s little mouth. You can’t see it here, but it has two eyelids. A normal set and a clear, horizontally-closing set, like reptiles have.

Seven just kind of eats people whole. It can close its mouth, but it looks really stupid when it does.

Eight is made of a bunch of snakes and a little suction cup spider who holds them together. They kill people by twisting together around the target until they get decapitated. It’s a kind of complicated rig, since the snakes have individual rigs, as well as a rig for when they’re grouped together. It’s easier to show with a video.

Nine can’t close its “mouth.” As a result, I came up with the dumbest eating method ever devised. The bottom of the mouth has a row of sharp teeth. The top has three pads that extend and press on whatever is in the mouth, like a meat tenderizer in a factory. The monster simply places the victim in it’s mouth and pounds it down on the teeth until its crushed enough to swallow. At that point, the tongue grabs it and deposits it in the throat. Talk about complicated. ?I also made the gut a little bit clear. Maybe at some point in the movie we would want to show someone’s hand floating in there or something. Here’s a video of the rig, although it doesn’t show the eating process, you might get the idea.


If anyone wants to help me get this movie going, I’d love the help.

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Hahn Slolo (He’s better than Han Solo)

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Character Rigging

I wanted to try out After Effects and see what kinds of things I could do with it, so I came up with an idea to replace Han Solo in Star Wars with a dumb CGI monster. It just seems like the proper evolution for the franchise.

I think he’s a little too light against the background, but I like how it came out anyway. I put some little details into the rig that won’t be visible, like automatic breathing (the chest and gills move faster or slower depending on the heart rate I set) and a tiny replica of Han Solo’s gun that automatically positions his fingers when I want him to hold it.

Seems like a wasted effort, but I might make more of these if Youtube’s content filter doesn’t keep making me take them down and edit the movie to get around them. Fox apparently considers this a threat. After all, why would people even bother watching Star Wars when they can just watch my superior version?

My mom complained that the alien fish monster is too hard to understand through the gurgling. I think she’s missing the point.

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