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Gundam Cards

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Websites

About 10 years ago I got a bunch of cards from a Japanese Gundam card game, but at the time couldn’t figure out how to play it. I always wanted to try it out, since it managed to survive all that time and I’m a big Gundam fan.

Flash forward to now. I’m smarter and the Internet is more useful. However, it’s still a huge pain to find any information in English about how to play this game, much less what the individual cards translate to.

Using Google Translate, some common sense, and php skill, I made a whole site with translations for this game and information on how to play it online.

Not only did I translate, but I built a database, a gallery, and even a fun tool that generates random decks to allow you to try out new cards. A lot of programming work went into the generator in particular, because it follows all the deck building rules and still manages to make random and playable decks.

The site can be found at

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