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I was playing around with Dynamesh features in the new version of zBrush and had a lot of fun making a realistic version of my favorite Pokemon.

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Robot Santa

Dec 11 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Just a commission I was asked to do for 3D printing. Mostly did it on a touchpad. The only hard part was making the arms reach the gun, since Futurama character design doesn’t take that into account.


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Cyclops dude

Dec 11 2012 Published by under Character Rigging

This guy is the main character of the triva game I talked about in my last post. He was initially just one of the many random monsters in the game, but for some reason we got attached to him and gave him a Facebook account and befriended people we don’t know. I made and rigged a 3D model of him so that we could have him post photos to his account. He’s an idiot.

I’m not mentioning his name because I don’t want people to search and find this post right now.

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Trivia game

Dec 11 2012 Published by under Flash Games

This is a monster-battling trivia game mainly cooked up by Batsly Adams, but I came up with most of the pixel art and monster ideas. I’m not posting the name of the game because I want it to be under wraps for now. Here’s some clips from our beta test though. This was the “drinking edtion” so it was modified into a face-off style game.

The Opening Screen. There's actually no knight in the game. You play as a bat. I just wanted to make the cover art inaccurate, like in most 80's games.

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