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Jun 24 2013 Published by under 3D Printing

So in upstate New York (Where the house and garden project is), I know some hilarious characters. One of them is a guy named Jimmy. He likes bird-watching, joints, motorcycles, and throwing boomerangs. He hates cops. This sculpt is my rendition of him. I intend to make a 3D print and use him in Heroclix games against superheroes.

And here’s the real guy for reference. I don’t think he’d want his face posted online, but I don’t think he has a computer anyway.

And here’s the 3D printed version

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Reverse Medusa

Jun 24 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

So, one morning I woke up thinking about monsters (as I usually do), and a thought occurred to me. Why is it that man-animal hybrid monsters always put the human side in charge. Why are the “good features” always on the human side?

For example, why is a werewolf a wolf shaped like a handsome man? Why can’t it be a man shaped like a dog? Wouldn’t that make for an infinitely creepier monster? A creature with a canine posture, but with human skin and head.

So yeah, I used the Medusa as a prototype for this theory by just reversing the snake and human parts. I think I was right. This is way more disturbing than the classic version.

Hey, boys

Hey, boys

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Jun 11 2013 Published by under Character Rigging

So this began as a quick sketch of a bum that I wanted to use to test Maya hair

I made a rig and intended to animate him dancing. Ultimately my computer turned out to be too weak to really batch render it nicely, so I just have a Playblast of him copying my terrible dance moves (I used myself for reference).

He also has a cat that looks like a cow. It’s rigged and animated too. There were also cached dynamics with rolling bottles, but I didn’t feel like waiting any extra time for my 7 year old computer to render.

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