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Tiny House

Dec 10 2013 Published by under House and Garden

There’s a movement in America called the Small House movement that promotes the idea of scaling back the size of your home and living in something simple that can meet your needs. It contrasts the wasteful McMansions that are way too common (I have a hard time understanding why people even want to live in those).

Tiny Houses are basically repurposed trailers that have been ripped apart and rebuilt into customized little homes. I’ve been helping build one with a couple of people for a friend to live in and it’s been going up incredibly fast. The house is about 30 feet long and 8 feet wide, which is actually pretty large for a Tiny House. It has a kitchen and fully functional bathroom with a shower, as well as two bedrooms (one is a loft). It’s not done yet, but after about 6 weeks it’s almost complete. I’ll post some pictures of the final product when I have them, but for now here’s some shots of the building process.

This was the busted old trailer we started with.

We ripped it down to the frame. It was in such bad shape that there was a bee colony living in the insulation

Rebuilt floor

The new frame is built out of 2x4s. The original trailer was built out of 2x2s, so the Tiny House will actually be much more stable.

There are two lofts in the house. The one that the camera is on is where a bedroom will be.

This is the beginings of the kitchen counter. The dark wood on the wall is actually salvaged from a building that was over 150 years old. It’s a custom touch that the person who’s going to live in it requested.

This is another view of the sleeping loft. Admittedly, it would probably be uncomfortable if you were tall, but the person living here is pretty short. There’s also going to be another bedroom in the bottom back, which you can also see here.


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