The first build

Sep 21 2012

We actually made friends with someone who had a small excavator and he was able to clear most of the spot where we planned on building the house. Like I said, it turned out there was a rock shelf under the area, but it actually worked with our design.

The first thing that needed to be done was to get the mud out. Even a power wash was ineffective, so it had to be done manually.

The next step was to start piling up rocks to build the walls. All the blue stone actually comes from the property. We didn’t import any rocks for this project. We literally dug them out of a hill with our hands… watching for snakes of course…

We also set up a method to get?mortar?down the cliff for us to use. We mixed it on top of the cliff and then sent it down the tube into a bucket. Way easier than carrying those 80 pound bags down there.

We never worked with stone before, but we had someone teach us how to do it and get us started. Here’s a shot of what we had about a month in.

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