Livable House

Sep 24 2012

So by December the house was fit to live in and we were sleeping in it. It’s heated by a wood burning stove, and although it could be bigger, it heats the whole space easily. On days that were 10 degrees F, I was in there with a T-shirt and was totally comfortable.

As far as light goes, it has several sun tubes built into the roof. They’re basically just plastic buckets with the bottom cut off and some mylar on the inside to reflect light. They light the place up considerably during the day. We also have an electrical connection coming from the trailer on the property. We plan on cutting that out eventually and rigging up a solar powered battery setup, but we’re not there yet.

Water comes from a well on the property. We have a few 55 gallon drums ?hidden in the ground above the house. Every once and a while we fill them up and have gravity fed, cold water. We’re working on making hot water as well by just wrapping a drum in black material and leaving it in the sun all day, but with a stove on hand, it’s not really that important until we rig up showers.

We have a toilet in the house as well. I don’t have pictures of it, but it?warrants?it’s own post. It’s a compost toilet, so it uses no water and the poop will be used on the garden in a couple of years. It doesn’t stink at all. I’ll explain more about it when I get some pictures.

The house is covered in plastic and so far (A year down the line) has not leaked. There is a small amount of leaking that comes from the cracks in the stone wall, but we actually build planters?underneath?it and they’ve worked well. Overall the place feels pretty luxurious, even though I’m sure there are skeptics thinking it’s a glorified cave. It still gets dirty, but that’s mostly due to the fact that the place is still under construction and we stomp through it after dirty farm work.

I have no shots of the back room in the right of this picture. It was mostly used for storage until recently. The walls in that room are wooden.

This is an old shot of the outside. Since then, the plastic has been covered by a stone wall and it looks more hidden.

You can see the planters we built to prevent rain runoff from the stone wall.

These are the stairs that lead down the cliff to one of the doors. They're built on a natural incline

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  1. Ok, that’s fucking badass! I’d love to play clix there!

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