Fixing up the turtles

Feb 28 2015

I made sculpts of the TMNT back in 2011, but back then I was really just learning how to sculpt. They had weird proportions and a few issues with the actual 3D prints (Raph was top heavy, Mike was fragile, Don wasn’t dynamic). I haven’t had much time to sculpt recently, but I did have enough to revamp them. I hope they print nicely.

Leonardo Heroclix
Michaelangelo Heroclix
Donatello Heroclix
Raphael Heroclix
TMNT Heroclix

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  1. Hello

    I saw your new ninja turtles sculpts. They?re great!

    Do you put them in your shapways store? I hope you do, i plan to make another purchase in your store and i?d like to add them to my order

    What would be the size of this new turtles? the original or the resized? (i prefer the original size so i supose that you could put both in your store.


  2. Hey there!

    My name’s Tristan Jones — I used to be a writer for the TMNT comics at Mirage and did a couple of little things here and there for the IDW comics as well (once as a writer, again later as an artist), and was wondering if I might be able to talk to you about a couple of your models! They’re fantastic!

    Please let me know at your nearest convenience what the best way to contact you is!



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