Feb 05 2019

My hard drive crashed after sculpting him, so I redid it from scratch using my own screenshots as reference images.

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Original characters for DnD

Nov 18 2018

Here’s a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons characters I made for a campaign

Side / Back / Sketch

Abandoned at a young age, she grew up in a magic nut grove.


Back / Front / Sketch

A cleric who became a fishman to show how dedicated he was to his river god. He has magical fishing tools that he believes to be the deadliest weapons in existence.


Back / Sketch

He really wanted to become a hunter, but was born with a weak and deformed upper body. He overcompensated.


Back / Side / Under the Hat / Sketch

Apple-headed plantation owner.

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Garden Fliers

Aug 27 2016

I’m part of a group of people who try to encourage my area to start gardens and share extra vegetables. I draw fliers to get people to come to events and covers for informational pamphlets. I’ve thought up lots of things to do with veggies.


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Jan 18 2016

Baxter Stockman Heroclix

Baxter Stockman Heroclix

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Rat King

Dec 17 2015

First new model in almost a year. I was too busy with gardening this year, but now it’s winter and I have some down-time. Here’s a character I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

Rat King Heroclix

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