Jun 24 2013 Published by under 3D Printing

So in upstate New York (Where the house and garden project is), I know some hilarious characters. One of them is a guy named Jimmy. He likes bird-watching, joints, motorcycles, and throwing boomerangs. He hates cops. This sculpt is my rendition of him. I intend to make a 3D print and use him in Heroclix games against superheroes.

And here’s the real guy for reference. I don’t think he’d want his face posted online, but I don’t think he has a computer anyway.

And here’s the 3D printed version

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MS Paint caricatures

Nov 12 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

These are just portraits of a bunch of my friends made in MS Paint. This was the Windows XP version of Paint so I was only allowed to Undo up to 3 times.

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