New52 Bane

Jul 04 2014 Published by under 3D Printing

I kind of like this guy’s design but it doesn’t make much sense. He has stitching on the site of his shirt and mask as if it’s supposed to allow expanding when he uses venom and pumps up. But then he were’s like a million belts, which would imply his clothes are loose.

Ah well. I’m over thinking this.

You are next!

I will break you!

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Obscure Green Lanterns

Aug 06 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

So in case you don’t know anything about Green Lantern, the superhero is actually just one of a few thousand different guys whith that name. The Green Lanterns are actually an intergalactic police force that includes all kinds of aliens. It’s been around since the 60’s, so a lot of weird characters have been created that nobody really pays attention to.

So here’s Gallus Zed. I did my best to make him look like a badass, despite the fact that he’s pretty much just a head.

And this guy is named Larvox. He’s a larvae with fancy hair. Pretty awkward.

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King Shark

Mar 13 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

King Shark based on his nu52 appearence. I tried out some new techniques and think they worked nicely. I really want to get this one printed a little larger than I normally do.

Updated with my printed sculpt. He’s approximately 3.5 inches tall and has some serious mass to him. I could have hollowed him out and saved $15, but I opted for full brutishness.

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Killer Moth

Jan 16 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

A corny old Batman villain who’s never been really?consistent?as far as looks. Sometimes he has wings, sometimes a cape. Sometimes he’s human, sometimes he’s a mutant moth. He’s just really poorly defined. I tried to make him as standard as I could given the circumstances.

I also planned on giving him a goop-gun effect to make it dynamic, but I don’t think it would look right in a print. I do think it looks kind of neat though.

I made a version for print with moth wings too just because I wasn’t sure what version people would want. I’ll post some printed pictures if/when I get them.

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Superman Prime going wild

Jan 07 2013 Published by under 3D Printing

Someone on my Heroclix forum requested a very specific sculpt to be printed. Superman Prime (who is not the same as normal Superman) ripping apart a Yellow Lantern with Power Girl trying to stop him. It’s based on this picture.

I went into zBrush and did my best to recreate it.

There’s also a turntable in case that wasn’t enough.



And here’s how it was printed. I didn’t paint it, but whoever did was astounding.

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