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From the first to the last, I give ?em the blast so fast that their life has passed before they even hit the grass! See me uptown, downtown, crowned and renowned! Delayed, relayed, mislaid and parlayed! Hatched, matched, snatched and scratched! Whacked, jacked, smacked, cracked, boot-blacked, blackjack, racetrack, and flapjack, and still comin? back! I used an earthquake to mix my milkshake! I eat an avalanche when I want ice cream! I punched a hurricane and made it a breeze! I swallowed an iceberg and didn?t freeze! I chained down thunder and handcuffed lightning! I?m so damn strong, it?s sometimes frightening! I grabbed a star traveling a million miles a minute and slowed it down to the state speed limit! I may not be sleek, but women shriek when they see my physique! I got a dong as big as King Kong!?


I’m probably going to make alternate costumes for Petey Wheatstraw and Disco Godfather.

Dolemite Heroclix

Breathin’ down yo’ neck!


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