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So I’m a big fan of Spider-man comics, and the recent issues by Dan Slott has some of my all time favorite stories. One of the big villains in his run is the Phil Ulrich version of Hobgoblin. I was pretty excited when he was going to be introduced into Heroclix, but his sculpt was a serious copout. Here it is.

Bad sculpt

Not only is the pose stupid, but he’s in a different character’s costume. They just took the sculpt of the original Hobgoblin (who was also made in this set and is a different character entirely) and game him cheap looking wings and a sword. Not only that, but he’s squatting because they removed a glider that the other sculpt had and didn’t bother to repose him. It’s horrible. So I had to make a correct sculpt.

Hobgoblin Heroclix

Ulrich Heroclix

I don’t understand why a sword made of fire would be more dangerous than a sword with a blade, but whatever.

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