Hahn Slolo (He’s better than Han Solo)

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Character Rigging

I wanted to try out After Effects and see what kinds of things I could do with it, so I came up with an idea to replace Han Solo in Star Wars with a dumb CGI monster. It just seems like the proper evolution for the franchise.

I think he’s a little too light against the background, but I like how it came out anyway. I put some little details into the rig that won’t be visible, like automatic breathing (the chest and gills move faster or slower depending on the heart rate I set) and a tiny replica of Han Solo’s gun that automatically positions his fingers when I want him to hold it.

Seems like a wasted effort, but I might make more of these if Youtube’s content filter doesn’t keep making me take them down and edit the movie to get around them. Fox apparently considers this a threat. After all, why would people even bother watching Star Wars when they can just watch my superior version?

My mom complained that the alien fish monster is too hard to understand through the gurgling. I think she’s missing the point.

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